On this page, you can find a list of community-built projects that are either powered by the Minter blockchain or using its capabilities.

Send and spend


One of the most easy-to-use Push services. Send Minter coins to anyone in a couple of clicks, and the receiver will be able to transfer, exchange, or spend coins on a wide selection of goods and services available in the catalog.

Just create a push and send a link to the receiver who can then pick one of the spending options:

  • More than 600 mobile operators around the world whose balances you can replenish (140+ countries)
  • Catalog of more than 12,000 games and other software items that can be used GLOBALLY, meaning no region restrictions apply
  • No merchants with manual processing connected


This eye-catching and multi-functional service allows you to not only transfer coins through one-time wallets but also customize them. Insert your logos, animations, and background. The service’s distinguishing feature is the ability to push e-mail newsletters.

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A fast, one-off push wallet with great usability. It takes only 13 clicks and 30 seconds (including all confirmations and choice of the recipient) from the moment of creating a push to actually sharing it.


  • Single-use push wallet (one recipient)
  • Multi-push (multiple recipients, via a Google spreadsheet)
  • Deep link deposits
  • Extensive customization options

You can make a branded push by adjusting parameters for a particular recipient. Once receieved, the recepient will be able to spend the coins on goods and services of their choice or use them to make in-game deposits to Time Loop, Galaxy Online, and others.

YYY is critically acclaimed for its speed ​​and user-friendliness:


Set up your push as you need it. Multi-pushes and detailed statistics will let you analyze the results of your mailing campaigns.

On top of the standard features, there is a multi-functional, multi-push system with comprehensive statistics. To send a push, you can fill in all the receivers via a Google spreadsheet, copy all the links of one-time wallets (e.g., to later paste them into a chat), export to a file, or do it manually. Edit or remove any recipient from the list, anytime.

White label

Campaigns go bundled with the pre-set offerings (sandbox editor can be found at tap.mn/preset). Be flexible when crafting the look of your push with over 20 parameters—colors, names, pictures (upload via the link or directly), switches, etc.

There is also a .json import/export feature for re-use purposes, which makes it possible to edit or create pre-sets in a regular text editor.

The API is fully documented, letting anyone create single-use wallets/campaigns/presets automatically. Analytics is also available.


Is it your friend’s birthday, or do you simply want to thank someone? Use ready-made templates to impress the receiving party. The service also allows you to provide your audience with incentives for filling out forms or performing actions.

All things considered, you may also want to make your URL branded. And 5s.gift allows you to do just that.

Wallet types:

  • Simple allows you to create a wallet easily accessible via a unique link
  • Feedback allows you to create a wallet that your readers will be able to access after filling out the feedback form (e.g., you did some terrific writing and need feedback to locate and eliminate errors, peer review, etc.)
  • Action allows you to create a wallet that can be accessed after the receiver completes a specific task

You can make your pushes stand out by choosing one of the available styling templates, for example, a “Happy Birthday!” one.


Another great Push service enabling you to top up your mobile phone, pay for the Internet, transportation, travels, games, on-line shopping, and much more.

People use services from the BIP+ catalog at different frequencies. Taxi and public transportation, for example, would be daily. Mobile and Internet communications, television, games, and entertainment would be couple times a month. Airline tickets or insurance, pretty rare.

With instant user experience in mind, BIP+ has focused on direct payments and balance replenishments rather than gift certificates.

REEF Wallet

Reef Wallet is a third-party web wallet with multi-accounts, address book, list of validators, and data from external services.

Main features

  • Basic operations: send, delegate/unbond, convert
  • Scan QR codes
  • Make quick search across validator and coin lists
  • Address Book: star addresses as your favorites and send them coins in a few clicks
  • Wallets: see all of your addresses on a single page and manage them easily
  • Observers: add an address without a seed phrase to track its balance and transactions

In addition to the features you will find in most wallets, the team behind the service has also implemented:

  • The ability to make repeat transactions
  • The ability to estimate the date and time the coins will return to the address after unbonding
  • The ability to track the activity of a particular address by adding a special “observer wallet”
Besides this, our UI is intuitive and rapid. We are following the high security standards of the official Minter wallets: your seed phrases are always stored locally and never leave your device.


Monke is a keyboard with a built-in wallet. After installing it, you can make transfers in any application that allows you to chat — for example, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, or Skype.


With Monke, your money is now in any app, always at your fingertips, and in the most easy-to-use and understand form — keyboard.

  • Transfer coins in any application: install the Monke keyboard and use your wallet wherever you type
  • The address of your wallet is always at hand: send it to the chat using one single button, without switching between applications
  • Copy the address with no extra symbols: Monke will auto-recognize your wallet when pasting from the clipboard
  • Send money within the chat: make transfers without being distracted from communication
  • Dark and light themes available


With Monke.me, you can send money to anyone without having to type in their wallet address. All you need to do is top up your balance and send the link to the recipient. If the amount is large, set a password that you can also share with the receiver to ensure only they have access.

Rundax Wallet

Rundax Wallet is a third-party wallet with advanced security to interact with BIP in Minter blockchain from a verified App Store developer.

Key features:

  • Two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator)
  • Support for any number of Minter addresses: you can use addresses with enabled and disabled 2FA simultaneously
  • Quick and convenient amount auto-fill buttons for sending coins
  • Push links created directly in the Minter Push wallet using the push.gifts service
  • History of all sent pushes with a deposit option
We rethought the whole pushing process, starting with the basics. We threw away everything that affects the speed and clutters the UX. No more extra features or buttons. Then we did something that radically speeds up and facilitates sending - we transferred the entire stage of creating a push right inside the usual Minter's wallet. Now the user only needs to click the GIFT button in the wallet and share the link with a friend. A couple of taps, a few seconds.



The Time Loop arcade is one of the most popular Minter-powered games. You control a spaceship equipped with guns, and the task is to score as many points as possible in one flight.


First off, Time Loop is a game of time. You have a spaceship with a machine gun and rockets and return to the same point in time over and over again. Just like in the Back to the Future movie, you can observe what you did in the past and influence events to change the future.

You compete for points with other players who have also fallen into the loop. You can earn points by destroying their ships and collecting gold coins. A situation where you need to take out an enemy ship before it takes out your ship from the past is very common in this game.

The entire game is built around the Minter-based TIME coin. It is spent when you travel in time, that is, do the flights. And it is awarded to the winner of each match.

The economy depends on the blockchain entirely. The movements of coins between players after each game occur as real transactions on the Minter blockchain, between real wallets. But they are so quick and cheap that for players, the process is invisible. Everything works as fast as in regular games of the pre-blockchain era.

Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is a cosmic MMORTS, one the Minter network’s first. Conquer the planets, engage in space battles, and complete missions and expeditions. And don’t forget to level up!


The universe is nearly endless, consisting of many galaxies where players fight one another in ruthless battles for domination over planets and rich territories.

Capture planets, mine minerals, upgrade skills and technologies, build a fleet, trade, attack and defend, join corporations and clans.

There are several PVP modes playable without providing a private key to your wallet. No personal data of yours is needed to sign up.


Cube is a real-time multi-player strategy. Use your skills to claim enemy-controlled territories and earn CUBE coins.

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The game can be played by 2–8 people simultaneously. Each player has a main building called Base, the very first cube which powers everything with the energy. It is the most important cube; if you lose it, you lose the game.

There are also generators scattered on the map. To capture, move your cube close to them.

Each cube has its value, or energy. The energy of an ordinary cube is re-filled every 25 seconds. The energy of bases and generators, every second.

Energy is spent on opening new cubes and entering into the battles over bases and generators.

Gaming process

  • WASD keys and arrows are the controls. You can move in any direction, except diagonally. You can also click anywhere on the map (energy does not move when you do so)
  • To capture a new cube, you need 1 unit of energy; to re-capture a cube, the same 1 unit + energy of that cube
  • Move energy around the map with your cursor
  • The mission is to claim the bases of all players on the map
  • The whole map is covered by the fog of war; each cube has the visibility of 1, meaning it lifts the fog 1 cell in each direction



A modern Minter network explorer, which offers a wider range of intuitive and relevant tools compared to the official explorer: profile icons, validator rankings, purpose-specific tools, and more.

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The blockchain explorer allows you to view all information about any block, transaction, or address on the Minter network. Aside from standard functionality, Minterscan offers a number of additional useful services.


Address profiles allow any person or project to set their avatar, name, and description, as well as undergo the verification process to prove ownership over a certain address.

Validator ranking

Validator ranking shows the list of active validators that can be ordered by various filters—for example, stake size or voting power.

Proposal voting

Proposals are ideas put forward by the community or core dev team, aimed to improve the blockchain or its individual components. This tool is mostly used for voting on major Minter network upgrades. Validators send a transaction expressing their support for either of two options, namely ACCEPT or REJECT, in the payload. For an upgrade to be accepted and proceeded with, a two-thirds majority is required.


Exchange monitoring aggregates the best offers to buy or sell BIP across numerous platforms.

Other services

  • Calculators: estimate the price of a coin or potential delegation rewards
  • Multi-sends: make multi-send transactions using a utility or an on-line version


CoinMarketCap for Minter. Coin ranking, all info on tokens and their transactions you could possibly imagine, list of network addresses ordered by their total balance or the amount of funds in delegation, a lot of useful datasets and statistics.


The coin explorer allows you to view full information about every token issued on the network. The homepage provides a list of coins ranked by market cap along with the essential data:

  • Coin name and icon
  • Constant reserve ratio
  • Coin price (in BIP)
  • 24-hour price change
  • 24-hour trading volume (coin conversions Minter-wise)
  • Number of conversions in the last 24 hours
  • Current reserve (in BIP)
  • Share of delegated coins in total supply
  • Creator address and creation date
  • 7-day price mini-chart

The coin page contains all necessary information, including creation parameters, current indicators, transactions, and different holder and trader rankings. A TradingView-based price chart will allow you to track the coin’s performance down to the moment of its issuance.

Rich List

The Rich list ranks all network addresses by their total balance. With this tool, you can view the worth of all coins an address holds, the amount it has delegated, and how it measures up against others. You can use the search bar at the top to look for a specific address. The Tag column reveals the address’ plans for Minter’s year two.


The FunFaSy API suite provides quick access to the Minter network via HTTPS. The infrastructure for your Web 3.0 application has never been easier.

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FunFaSy uses an advanced micro-service architecture behind its APIs. Developers can access the Minter network via HTTPS, with queries processed faster than if using other services or in-house solutions. APIs are constantly kept up-to-date, supporting all of the network upgrades and available even when those are taking place.

  • An expert customer care team is ready to respond to all changes in the network’s operation 24/7
  • All data transmitted is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS)
  • The service is built upon a combination of Google Cloud and Hetzner infrastructures
  • There is a free plan


Want to start accepting payments on your website with coins of the Minter network? Use ready-made PayMnt modules that do not require further development. You can accept payments from both natural and legal persons.

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Enables you to accept payments from legal entities on your website. The customer confirms payment in one click, while you get an instant notification.

The payment from an organization is no different from that of a regular individual: it is processed on the blockchain, uninterrupted. Once completed, you are notified that you can ship now. The customer spends less time and gets what they ordered straight away, meaning higher conversion rates in sight. As for you, costs associated with warehousing and payment processing will reduce.


PayMnt’s solution for natural persons. Make invoices for the work performed or goods supplied, receive payments to a single blockchain address, and keep track of them.

Ready-Made Modules

You don’t need to develop anything from scratch, simply install the module and fill in a couple of fields. The service’s modules are available for most of the popular CMSes, SaaSes, CRMs, and frameworks. In case there is no module for your platform, reach out to the support team.


The service provides an easy-to-understand and logical REST API, there are SDKs for the most widely used programming languages, libraries with easily deployed payment forms for websites & mobile apps, and thorough documentation.

Minter Notifications

The Minter Notification service guarantees to notify you only about what you really need, without endless API queries sent to the node.


You can receive messages when transferring coins to or from a wallet, delegating funds, unbonding from a node, creating a coin, getting rewards from a node to a wallet, sending or exchanging a coin, all transactions of a certain type, and so on.

You can even mix and retrieve, for example, a send transaction from a specific wallet to the desired wallet in a certain coin.

All this will allow you to instantly see the payment, change in the wallet balance, change in the coin price, authorization and confirmation of something about the transaction, modification of the profile of the node and wallet, if the validator failed to sign a block for security systems, and much more.

If your server or processing service is “stuck,” it does not matter. The system will wait until you‘re back and deliver the data you need without loss.

  • One notification, instead of tens of thousands per day
  • Ability to receive notifications over the HTTP Protocol
  • User-friendly interface for adding and editing
  • Instant delivery of confirmation notifications
  • Receiving notifications on devices with microcontrollers
  • Open source standard for this ideology, available on Github


Minter Wallet

Third-party multi-functional Telegram bot wallet that allows you to not only receive and send coins without leaving Telegram but also manage checks, save frequently used addresses, receive notifications, and play built-in mini-games that run on the Minter blockchain.


Create and share personalized checks and multi-checks directly within Telegram groups.

Only the Telegram user you have selected can redeem a personalized check. As for multi-checks, they can be used by as many people as you have specified.

With this bot, you can:

  • Set a wallet name
  • Enable balance change notifications
  • Add your other wallets or set up new ones
  • Manage an address list
  • Play built-in mini-games powered by Telegram randomization and Minter blockchain

The games are all about users winning when some random conditions coincide, for example, if the number on the die is even. There are also all kinds of multipliers.


A minimalistic bot that rewards chat members in the LIKE coin. All you need to do is invite the bot to your group. After that, any user with a positive coin balance in the bot can like other people’s messages, thus sending LIKE coins.

The chat owner gets 10% of all rewards.

Pay to Minter

The scope of this bot’s features lies with transferring Minter network coins to the members or airdropping them to the most active participants.


To start using the bot, add it to your group and grant corresponding rights.

  • Send coins to a specific user
  • Send coins to multiple users by specifying usernames
  • Airdrop coins to the specified number of users who sent messages to the chat in the last X minutes (5 to 720)
  • Distribute among random users
  • Send coins to a specific wallet (Mx)

Received coins can stay in the bot until further distribution, be withdrawn to a wallet, or spent on goods and services.

Minter Tools

A super useful tool if you need to get some Minter network info real quick and without leaving Telegram.

Telegram bot
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The bot allows you to work with your addresses and view balances, delegated funds, and capitalization. Need information about a validator? Not a problem, either: names, addresses, current and minimum stakes, number of slots taken, voting power, age—you name it.

Also in the bot you can always find latest BIP rates across various exchange venues.

Minter Info bot

Useful bot showing network statistics.

Telegram bot
Telegram group


This bot will help you estimate the delegator rewards and efficient re-delegation for any address, predict supply, rank the coins by their reserves, show summary information about a specific coin, and track auto-unbonds and slashes.

Minter Notify

An excellent demo of the Telegram + Minter synergy: this simple yet useful bot will keep you posted on all transactions made by the addresses you choose.


Add the addresses you need to the list, name them, select the types of events you are interested in, and receive alerts without leaving Telegram.


Minter Alerts

This service allows streamers to quickly, simply, and securely receive donations from viewers, enjoying all of the Minter blockchain’s benefits.

Telegram channel


  • Select alert sounds
  • Customization of notifications
  • Stats dashboard
  • Integration with Twitch API
  • Minter blockchain under the hood


  • Withdraw funds without unnecessary barriers: there are no withdrawal limits as your money is yours, period
  • Low fees: transactions cost less than $.001
  • Low confirmation times: only 5 sec. to send or receive a donation
  • Coins can be easily exchanged for BTC, ETH, USDT, or any other cryptocurrency (using external exchange platforms) or spent immediately on goods and services listed across the Minter Push services


This exchange rate monitoring service is designed to enable you to quickly locate the best BIP buy/sell offers on the market.

What's the exposure?

  • 6 cryptocurrencies
  • 9 electronic money systems
  • 15 banks
  • 17 exchange services
  • 150 currency pairs

The daily volume chart allows you to assess the current trading situation in the market.

BipChange does also have an average BIP price widget that you can integrate into your own website.


FLAT.AUDIO is an electronic music streaming service that brings together artists and listeners from all over the world and issued its own cryptocurrency on the Minter network under the name FLATCOIN.

Aside from accepting FLATCOIN for payments and offering a 50-percent discount on the subscription plans, the platform also aims to start paying all authors a certain fee each time someone listens to one of their mixes. In addition, FLAT.FM plans to utilize the coin to enable organizers of parties and other thematic events to sell tickets worldwide, and guests, to return them with no limitations.

For listeners

A vast number of mixes of the highest quality in various genres, from soft deep house to experimental electronics. Three levels of selection. We collect the best music for easy listening.

For artists

Store your works for free and let others listen to them in quality 320 kbps. The audience of music lovers, promotion tools, and attention to the details will make our platform home for your music forever.

For podcasts

Ideal hosting for your podcasts—without disc space limitations, free, with a possibility to indicate the author and recording place, and also to store editions in quality 320 kbps.

For radioshow

The best place to publish your radio show editions: without disc space limitations, free, with a possibility to indicate your guest and store editions in quality 320 kbps.

For videopodcasts

Store audio version of each episode in 320 kbps with a download option and attach the link to a video version to the mix. We support videos from YouTube—the number of views will grow, and the listeners will be delighted by the audio mix quality!