Minter offers the simplest solutions to receive, send, and store loyalty points and rewards. And even create your own.

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Minter is a global rewards and loyalty points network powered by a fast blockchain. Any brand, community, or blogger can create their own coins and launch their reward or loyalty system in minutes. By “coins,” we mean loyalty points, rewards, cashbacks, discounts, credits, and so on. They can be transferred between users, exchanged for one another, or spent on goods and services

Latest news

Minter’s Month in Review — August 2020

Research studies, AMAs, and anticipation of Minter 1.2… You can find all this (and more!) in the most recent progress round-up brought to you by Minter Development Foundation, which is already up on Medium.

September 1, 2020

Minter’s Month in Review — July 2020

Just one word: heat! BIP Wallet 2.0; node 1.2; CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Bithumb Global chart. You can find all this (and more!) in the most recent progress round-up brought to you by MDF.

August 1, 2020

Minter Blockchain Token BIP on CoinMarketCap

Today, CoinMarketCap — the world’s leading crypto market data provider — has started displaying full information about the Minter network and its native digital coin BIP.

July 14, 2020

BIP Wallet 2.0 Review

On July 1, BIP Wallet was updated to version 2.0 after two weeks of public beta testing. In this article, we’ll delve into its capabilities and hear what the community has to say.

July 8, 2020

One glance at our list of tools and projects is worth a thousand words


Use our wallets to manage BIP and other coins.


User-friendly and feature-rich wallet released as an application for iOS devices.


User-friendly and feature-rich wallet released as an application for Android devices.

Web wallet

BIP Wallet’s basic web version. Includes all essential functionality for managing your coins: receive, send, and delegate.

Reef wallet

Third-party user wallet with multi-accounts, address book, list of validators, and data from external services.

Telegram bot
Telegram bot

Third-party multi-functional Telegram bot wallet that allows you to not only receive and send coins without leaving Telegram but also manage checks, save frequently used addresses, receive notifications, and play built-in mini-games that run on the Minter blockchain.


With this third-party app, all your Minter coins are available in any application of your choice, always at your fingertips, and can be accessed in the most easy-to-understand way—from your keyboard. Available both for iOS and Android.

Developers’ essentials

Find all the developer resources you need.


A one-stop shop for developers to access all resources available.


API documentation. Blockchain specifications, instructions on starting a node, detailed descriptions of all entities (coins, transactions, checks, MultiSig addresses, etc.), fees, validators, and links to all SDKs.


Summarized information about the network: activity statuses, uptime, total supply, BIP stats, quantity and speed of blocks and transactions per 24 hours, validators, as well as network fees paid daily.


Explorer of transactions, blocks, and addresses. Aside from the classic functionality, here you can get information on the number of generated blocks and transactions, BIP’s market price, and daily transactions dynamics over the past 14 days.


This wallet has the most features: besides the standard functions of the basic wallet, you can also work with checks, create coins, launch masternodes, set up and manage MultiSig addresses, and broadcast the transactions signed off-line.


Source code of Minter team repositories on the GitHub platform. Node, wallets, multiple SDKs and APIs.


A modern Minter network explorer, which offers a wider range of convenient and relevant tools compared to the official explorer: profile icons, validator rankings, purpose-specific tools, and more.


The FunFaSy API package provides quick access to the Minter network via HTTPS. The infrastructure for your Web 3.0 application has never been easier.


CoinMarketCap for Minter. Coin ranking, all data on coins and their transactions you could possibly imagine, list of network addresses sorted by their total balance or delegated funds, a lot of useful samples and statistics.

Community projects

Discover projects and services based on or using the Minter blockchain, developed by our community.

Time Loop
Telegram bot

The Time Loop arcade is one of the most popular Minter-powered games. You control a spaceship equipped with guns, and the task is to score as many points as possible in one flight. The player who scored the most points becomes a contender for the winner of the game. If none of their rivals score better in the next three flights, the challenger becomes the winner of the game and gets a stash full of TIME coins.


Want to start accepting payments on your website with coins of the Minter network? Use ready-made PayMnt modules that do not require further development. You can accept payments from both natural and legal persons.

Telegram bot

Want to encourage activity within your own Telegram community? No problem. Add this bot to your chat, hold airdrops, and like messages of the active community members. Rewards can be distributed in any coin issued on the Minter network, which the receiver can swap for a good or service via one of the Minter Push services right away.

Telegram bot

Cube is a real-time multi-player strategy. Use your skills to capture enemy territory and earn CUBE coins.

Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is a cosmic MMORTS, one the Minter network’s first. Conquer the planets, engage in space battles, and complete missions and expeditions. And don’t forget to level up!

Minter Alerts

A service for streamers that allows you to quickly, simply, and securely receive donations from viewers, enjoying all of the Minter blockchain’s benefits.


This exchange rate monitoring service 
is designed to enable you to quickly locate the best BIP buy/sale offers on the market.

Rundax Wallet

A third-party wallet with advanced security to interact with BIP in Minter blockchain from a verified App Store developer.


An electronic music streaming service that brings together artists and listeners from all over the world and issued its own cryptocurrency on the Minter network under the name FLATCOIN.

Send and spend

In just a few clicks, you can send Minter-based coins to anyone who can then spend them on numerous goods and services around the world. No need to install a wallet.


One of the most easy-to-use push services. Send Minter coins to anyone in a couple of clicks, and the receiver will be able to transfer, exchange, or spend coins on a wide selection of goods and services available in the catalog.

This eye-catching and multi-functional service will allow you to not only transfer coins through one-time wallets but also customize them. Insert your logos, animations, and background. The service’s distinguishing feature is the ability to Push e-mail newsletters.

Does your friend have a birthday, or do you simply want to thank someone? Use ready-made templates to impress the receiving party. The service also allows you to provide your audience with incentives for filling out forms or performing actions.


Another great push service enabling you to top up your mobile phone, pay for the Internet, transportation, travels, games, on-line shopping, and much more.

Set up your push as you need. Multi-pushes and detailed statistics will let you analyze the results of your mailing campaigns.

Be engaged

Take part in our initiatives and programs, get rewards, and join hands with us in contributing to the network’s development.


The first global campaign aimed to popularize BIP and Minter will allow creators to receive POP coins for unique educational materials. The goal is to teach every newcomer about the advantages of the Minter blockchain and its native BIP token. Depending on the quality and type of content, you may be awarded up to 100 POP coins.

Contest bot
Telegram bot

Get rewarded for completing simple tasks on social networks: subscribe to channels and pages, leave your likes and comments, and bring your friends.

Join the conversation

Follow all of our news, announcements, and content updates on social networks and instant messengers.

Rankings and exchanges

Trade BIP on exchanges or track Minter’s performance in various rankings.


CoinMarketCap is the world’s leading cryptocurrency data provider.


Founded in 2014, CoinGecko is one of the largest crypto analytics portals. The site provides in-depth analysis of the digital asset market by tracking not only price, volumes, and market cap, but also community growth, open-source code development, milestone events, and other crucial metrics.

Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global is a trading platform created as part of the South Korean top exchange Bithumb’s global expansion. Launched in 2019. Trading fees = 0.1%, BIP withdrawal fee = 2 BIP.


Hotbit is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2018. Trading fees = 0.2% for takers and -0.05% for makers (the platform pays for placing orders), BIP withdrawal fee = 250 BIP.


Atomars is a fast and easy-to-use crypto trading platform that was launched last year. Web and mobile applications, decentralized private wallets, user portfolio, market barometer. No trading fees charged to new users for 60 days, 0.2% for market orders and 0.1% for limit orders after. Fee for withdrawing BIP = 1 BIP.


Citex is a South Korea-based digital asset trading platform founded in 2018. It supports spot trading, over-the-counter trading, PoS staking, masternode hosting, grid trading, ETF trading, and options trading. Fee = 0.2%, for withdrawing BIP = 6 BIP.

Minter Global

Minter Global OÜ is an Estonian company that is licensed to sell and purchase virtual assets, such as BIP tokens. It offers fully compliant exchange services to the corporate customers and natural persons with the access to SEPA payment accounts.

Track BIP

Track BIP’s market price and trading activity in the best portfolio applications.


The world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management application. 100% free, this app will allow you to not only monitor market rates and cryptocurrency charts, including those of BIP, but also receive news and announcements coming directly from the teams of tokens you are interested in.


A popular crypto tracker released as an application for both iOS and Android. Arrange your portfolio and keep track of your favorite coins.


Sync your CoinStats portfolio with wallets and accounts on your preferred exchanges so that you don’t have to enter transaction data manually.

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